Area Men Charged In Drug Arrests, Report Says

ANDOVER MA – Four men between the ages of 30 and 70 – one from Schwenksville, two from Norristown, and one from Lawrence MA, were arrested Aug. 14 (2016; Sunday) during two separate incidents by Andover MA police officers, and all were charged with “trafficking in heroin,” The Andover Townsman newspaper‘s online edition reported Thursday (Aug. 18).

The Townsman, in a police log compiled by reporter Gabriella Cruz, stated those arrested were

  • Brian T. Landon, 32, of 1121 Old Gravel Pike, Schwenksville;
  • Maurice L. Bodden, 30, of 227 Change St., Norristown;
  • Akela Nyrie Sessomes, 30, of 203 Chain St., Norristown; and
  • Ernest Garrett, 67, of 3133 Doyle St., Lawrence MA.

The newspaper reported that police responded Aug. 14 at 7:01 p.m. to a location near the intersection of Interstate 93 North and Route 133, about 20 miles north of Boston. It was there that Garrett and Sessomes were arrested, it said.

About 75 minutes later, at 8:15 p.m. at a location near the intersection of Interstate 495 South and Route 114 – within fewer than 10 miles of the first arrest site – police reportedly took Landon and Bodden into custody. It is not known if the incidents were related.

No other details about the arrests, the offenses alleged, or the disposition of the cases, were offered in The Townsman’s coverage.