Police District Split Concerns Valley Politicians

COLLEGEVILLE PA – State Sen. Bob Mensch, whose 24th Senatorial District includes portions of the Perkiomen Valley, and state Rep. Justin Simmons of the 131st House District, jointly said Tuesday (Sept. 20, 2016) they intended to support “residents’ efforts to keep East Greenville Borough in the Upper Perkiomen Police District.”

East Greenville’s borough council recently decided to withdraw from the police district, which has provided law enforcement services in both Pennsburg and East Greenville for several years. Council members claimed Pennsburg was increasingly uncooperative in the partnership. Mensch and Simmons conducted a town hall meeting on the topic Monday (Sept. 19) at Perkiomen Valley High School in Collegeville.

But Mensch acknowledged the councils themselves must address the matter and solve their issues. “It will be up to the Boroughs to decide whether they want to respond to the transcribed comments and video,” he said. “The boroughs have jurisdiction over this matter. They control the budget necessary to fund (the district). We cannot fix what has been done, but we can highlight what their constituents want.”

The event attracted more than 360 people, the politicians reported. Of them, 26 who spoke for the public record “all identified their desire to keep East Greenville Borough in the … district,” according to a Mensch press release. The comments were recorded by a stenographer and captured by a videographer, it added. Both borough councils will receive copies.

“This decision regarding the Upper Perkiomen Police District is a serious matter that has many residents concerned,” Mensch said.

“Several constituents with health issues whose doors I have knocked on in the past year came up to me in tears at the town hall last night,” Simmons noted. “They informed me that keeping East Greenville Borough in the Upper Perkiomen Police District is literally the difference between life and death for them. I cannot in good conscience turn my back on them.”