A Fine Day For Practice In Central Perk Park

20161029-schwenksvillepa-whiteeaglemartialarts-3editSCHWEKNKSVILLE PA – With self-defense instruction that borrows in part from Native American philosophies, it seemed only natural that members of Harleysville-based White Eagle Martial Arts arrived Saturday (Oct. 29, 2016) at Central Perkiomen Valley Park on Plank Road to exercise and practice in fresh air and bright sunshine, said the club’s John McIntyre.

The weather was perfect for almost any kind of pasttime, with mellow temperatures and an ever-so-gentle breeze. “We like to practice outside as much as we can,” McIntyre explained, as club members’ enthusiastic shouts mingled with the sounds of a picnic, kids playing on nearby swings, and joggers and bicyclists passing through the park on the Perkiomen Valley Trail.

Photos and video by The Post Publications