Update: Upper Perk Cancels Classes In ‘Threat’

Upper Perkiomen Cancels Classes In 'Threat'PENNSBURG PA – The Upper Perkiomen School District is “working in full cooperation with the (Pennsylvania) State Police” to determine the who, what, and why specifics of a social media post that popped up but disappeared sometime later and was perceived by some who saw it as a threat of violence against the district, Superintendent Dr. Alexis McGloin said at mid-day Monday (Dec. 5, 2016). Upper Perk canceled school for the day as a result.

Troopers “continue to conduct interviews to investigate the credibility of this threat,” McGloin said in a message on the site’s home page. There was no word on whether school closings would persist into Tuesday (Dec. 6), although the superintendent promised “the district will continue to communicate with the school community on this issue throughout the day.”

The threat allegedly originated from “an anonymous account,” according to McGloin – Instagram has been cited as the source – and reportedly showed a graphic photo related to an earlier active shooter incident at a school in another state. Text accompanying the photo prompted concerns among those who claim they saw it.

The post has since been removed, troopers indicated. “However, investigators say, they are taking steps to recover the original message,” Philadelphia television station WPVI said in a Monday noon story. McGloin’s message said the threat “was associated with (Upper Perk) secondary school students.”

Buildings closed for the day were Upper Perkiomen High School, Upper Perkiomen Middle School, Hereford Elementary and Marlborough Elementary.

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PENNSBURG PA – School has been canceled today (Monday, Dec. 5, 2016) in the Upper Perkiomen School District for all grades, it announced at about 5:30 a.m., as “state police are investigating a situation that raises enough concern for us to take this action,” district Superintendent Alexis McGloin said in a Facebook post.

McGloin was not specific about “the situation,” but in a later post at 6:20 a.m. added “the threat is directed solely towards the school district and not the community or any other schools in the area. Staff is reporting to work today as the threat identified does not put them at risk.”

McGloin thanked parents, students and the public for their “patience and cooperation,” and promised to keep the public “updated as more information becomes available today.”

  • The Post will update this story as it progresses.