Your House Can’t Talk, But It Can Reveal History

SCHWENKSVILLE PA – What’s the history of your old house? And how old is your house anyway?

Historians at one of Montgomery County’s busiest public parks, Pennypacker Mills at 5 Haldeman Rd. in Schwenksville, know the mansion there was originally built in 1720. That’s nearly 300 years ago! Then it was enlarged and redesigned in 1901, under plans created by Philadelphia architect Arthur Brockie. The transformation, experts say, made the estate more suitable to a “country gentleman’s lifestyle.”

Knowing more about where you live, how it came to be, and who came there before you, makes that place all the more special and personal. So the staff of Pennypacker Mills plans to show area residents how they can unearth the history of their own homes.

“Researching Your Old House” is a seminar scheduled to be held Jan. 14 (2017; Saturday) beginning at 1 p.m. in the Pennypacker Mills classroom building on the park grounds. Seminar leaders will talk about how to determine the age of your house from architectural styles. They’ll also cover the more mundane, but probably more accurate, use of document sources like deeds and land titles.

Participants are encouraged to bring along photos of their home for examination. Bring your family too; all ages are invited. Refreshments will be served. A donation of $2 per person is suggested.

Video and photo by The Post Publications