Two-Sided Parking Still OK On Second Avenue

Two-Sided Parking Still OK On Second AvenueLOWER FREDERICK PA – An informal request made to the Lower Frederick Board of Supervisors to limit parking to only one side of Second Avenue was rejected Tuesday night (Jan. 31, 2016), after township Police Chief Paul Maxey suggested the restriction would impose an unnecessary hardship on residents there. Parking currently is allowed on both sides of Second.

One property owner on the avenue, whose business involves the use of a truck, told Lower Frederick Manager Tamara Twardowski he had difficulty navigating the truck past other parked vehicles. He asked her to raise the possibility of limiting parking with the board. Twardowski notified Maxey of the concern, and the chief said he personally drove to the avenue to determine if parked cars presented a problem.

They didn’t, he concluded.

Maxey acknowledged a dumpster temporarily placed on Second may have made driving the truck more of a challenge, but a police department call to the bin’s owner quickly got it hauled away. More importantly, the chief added, many property owners on Second have only a few parking options available; in fact, some end up leaving cars on their front lawns for lack of other space.

“I don’t see this as being a necessity,” Maxey told board members Bob Yoder and Ron Kerwood during their workshop session at the Spring Road municipal building. Imposing single-side parking “would only be hurting residents who live there but have no other parking alternatives.”

That was good enough for the supervisors, who declined to consider the request. The board’s third member, Terry Sacks, was absent.

The board’s regular monthly meeting for February is scheduled for Tuesday (Feb. 7, 2017) at 7 p.m. in the municipal building conference room, 53 Spring Mount Rd. The meeting is free to attend and open to the public.

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