Veterans Should Beware Of Benefit ‘Fees’

Veterans Should Beware Of Benefit 'Fees'NORRISTOWN PA – Montgomery County veterans were urged Friday (March 24, 2017) by state Rep. Marcy Toepel (147th House District) to avoid paying for advice on or applying for benefits due them. “There is plenty of free assistance from accredited veteran service officers through credible organizations,” she said, echoing words of Pennsylvania adjutant general Brig. Gen. Tony Carrelli.

“Veterans, active military and their dependents should never pay for help to apply for veteran’s benefits,” Toepel declared in her latest newsletter. Trustworthy organizations providing help includes the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, county veterans affairs offices, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, and others, she said.

Among local, state and federal benefits for which veterans may qualify, and for which the groups can help them “identify, determine eligibility for, and apply for, include

  • Payment of burial allowances;
  • Ensuring grave markers and headstones are properly requested and placed;
  • The Disabled Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption Program;
  • Veterans emergency assistance;
  • Blind and paralyzed veterans pensions;
  • The Education Gratuity Program;
  • Service connected disability and non-service connected disability pensions;
  • Federal health care benefits; and
  • Survivor benefits.

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