Township’s Ag Security Area Faces Slight Delay

Township's Ag Security Area Faces Slight DelayLOWER FREDERICK PA – Problems in paperwork submitted to the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds, regarding the agriculture security district approved in September by the township Board of Supervisors, have delayed finalizing the zone that’s intended to strengthen and preserve area farms.

The recorder’s office returned filing documents primarily because names of property owners whose parcels are to be included in the district failed to exactly match names on the deeds of the properties themselves, township Solicitor Damien Brewster reported during the supervisors’ Oct. 31 meeting. The listing for each submission must be precise, he noted.

Some of the listings were missing a middle initial; some involved trusts or trustees not properly or fully identified; some referenced a family when the deed mentioned only individuals, according to Brewster. In all, the recorder sought eight different corrections among the list of 30 deed holders whose properties account for more than 600 acres.

Necessary changes are already being addressed, Brewster added, and a new submission is likely to be mailed to the recorder promptly. In a question posed after the meeting ended, the solicitor said he doubted any property owner has suffered a material or financial delay due to the brief wait.

“Agricultural security areas are intended to promote viable farming operations over the long term by strengthening the rights of farmers to farm, and the farming community’s sense of security in their use of the land,” the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association explains on its website. “Landowners in (a security area) receive protection from local laws and ordinances that would unreasonably restrict farm practices, as well as protection from condemnation,” it added.

Board Of Supervisors Scheduled To Meet Tonight

The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to meet tonight (Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017) beginning at 7 p.m. in the municipal building, 53 Spring Mount Road, Schwenksville. The meeting is free to attend and open to the public. A copy of its agenda had been posted online to the township’s Facebook page; find it here. The meeting was postponed from Tuesday (Nov. 7) due to the general elections.

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